Fidelis Nduta is a 27 year old lady. She was living with her elder brother until she fell into a ditch and broke her spinal cord. She was admitted to the NSIH for 3 months.

As her discharge from hospital neared she, through her brother, made a request for a wheelchair from KPO who visited her in hospital and fitted her with a suitable wheelchair. Currently, she has a positive attitude following this assistance. Her dignity has been maintained through assistance from KPO.

Fidelis Nduta on the wheelchair she received from KPO at the NSIH. Standing next to her is her elder brother.

Mrs. Everlyne Sande is a 50 year old woman living in a low income area in Nairobi. Due to her disability, she was unable to even leave the house and depended on an aide, to assist her with physical mobility.

Upon request, KPO visited and fitted her with a wheelchair. She was very grateful and through KPO she has added mobility and can leave the house more easily and more often than she did before.

Ms. Everlyn Sande joyfully trying out her new wheelchair she received from KPO in her house.