C.E.O and Head of The Secretariat

Has the overall responsibility in management of the Organization through the development and implementation of corporate strategy in line with the organisational mission, vision and values.

Programs Manager

Responsible to develop, implement, monitor & review resource mobilization strategies to sustain all the organization programs in line with the strategic objectives.

Administration Manager

Responsible for the organization and co-ordination of office administrative operations, procedures and resources and ensure that there is effective information flow to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency

Finance Manager

Responsible in giving financial advice and undertaking accounts administration to  ensure the integrity of accounting information by researching account issues for compliance and by establishing quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting

Programs officer Grants

Responsible for identifying funding opportunities for organizational projects across the Five Pillars of the organization; Psychosocial Support, Rehabilitation, Governance & Accountability, Economic Empowerment & Organizational Development

Programs Officer - M & E

Responsible for the monitoring and evaluating of programs for  high quality and timely inputs, ensuring that the programs maintains its strategic vision and that its activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner


Responsible for undertaking accounts administration and financial reporting.

Procurement Officer

Responsible of the contracting services and management of supplies, equipment, and materials within the organizations well as sourcing of supplies take part in negotiating prices and contracts

Data Officer

Responsible for providing supportive role in monitoring and evaluating ongoing projects in the Organization. The Data Officer is responsible for supporting overall M&E data collection and analysis of the projects and will come up with findings based on real data to show performance of the projects

Front Desk Officer

Responsible for providing administrative and secretarial support across the organization, handling the flow of people and communication through the organization.

Office Assistant

Responsible for a wide range of office support functions .


Responsible for authorized driving of vehicles for official duties , vehicle security & maintenance as well as log book maintenance.